Welcome to my campaign for Mayor of the city of Houston

I have been honored to serve as your District G representative on Houston City Council since my election in November 2009. It has been a rewarding experience to meet many of my neighbors at a variety of events throughout District G including civic association, Super Neighborhood and the Houston Police Department neighborhood (PIP) meetings. Staying involved and actively participating in events in our community has allowed me stay in touch with my neighbors and hear about the issues that concern all of you.

I take great pride in the work that we have done, the problems we have solved and all that we have been able to accomplish working together on a wide range of issues from public safety to improving the financial health of our great city. READ FULL POST >>

Recent News

Political Fight No Reason to Trample First Amendment

Full Statement by Houston City Council Member Oliver Pennington regarding subpoenas issued to five area pastors by the Parker Administration “Earlier in the week I was disappointed when I learned that the City of Houston had issued subpoenas for the sermons of five area pastors. I was disappointed that the City had taken this action that undermines the First Amendment rights and freedom of religion guaranteed by our Constitution.  Our founders put protections in place to protect citizens and religious institutions from government, not the government from its citizens. The fact that individual liberty and the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution are being trampled over a political fight is unimaginable.  …

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